Guidelines for Colloquium (Spring 2019)【107學年第2學期】  
2019-06-13江美華 Sissy Mei-Hua Jhiang 教授Achieving Precision Medicine for Radioiodine Therapy in Thyroid Cancer焦傳金 Chuan-Chin Chiao 教授 
2019-06-06劉姿吟 Tzu-Yin Liu 助理教授Dancing together with plant phosphate transporters in the spotlight of tripartite split-GFP system孫玉珠 Yuh-Ju Sun 教授 
2019-05-30林玉俊 Yu-Chun Lin 助理教授Spatiotemporally manipulating cellular activities by chemicals, light, and ultrasound焦傳金 Chuan-Chin Chiao 教授 
2019-05-09Professor Tim TullyTranslational Medicine For Memory羅中泉 Chung-Chuan Lo 教授 
2019-05-02何金敏 Chin-Min Kimmy Ho 助研究員Cell fate determination in asymmetrically dividing stomatal lineage cells in Arabidopsis黃貞祥 Chen Siang "Gene" Ng 助理教授 
2019-04-25楊長賢 Chang-Hsien Yang 副校長Functional analysis of genes in regulating perianth identity and development in orchids劉姿吟 Tzu-Yin Liu 助理教授 
2019-04-18林祖功 Tsu-Kung Lin 醫師/博士Mitochondrial Dysfunctions in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Relevance to Parkinson’s Disease陳令儀 Linyi Chen 教授 
2019-04-11陳虹樺 Hong-Hwa Chen 特聘教授Regulation of orchid floral scent 蝴蝶蘭花香的調控劉姿吟 Tzu-Yin Liu 助理教授 
2019-03-28蔡金吾 Jin-Wu Tsai 副教授Looking for a needle in a haystack? How transposons find key genes involved in brain development and disorders 大海撈針?轉座子如何找到大腦發育與疾病的關鍵基因林玉俊 Yu-Chun Lin 助理教授 
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