2018-10-04譚澤華 Tse-Hua Tan 特聘研究員兼主任Kinases and Phosphastases in T Cell-mediated Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease鄭世進 Shih-Chin Cheng 助理教授 
2018-09-27周玉山 Yuh-Shan Jou 研究員PSPC1 is a master activator for pro-metastatic switches林愷悌 Kai-Ti Lin 助理教授 
2018-09-20Paul E. Verslues 韋保羅 研究員Phosphoproteomics of Highly ABA-Induced1 (HAI1) reveals new factors in growth and RNA splicing regulation during drought stress劉姿吟 Tzu-Yin Liu 助理教授 
2018-09-13阮麗蓉 Li-Jung Juan 研究員科學真理與學術良心 – 從台大學倫案談起江安世 Ann-Shyn Chiang 院長 
2018-06-14李奇鴻 Chi-Hon Lee 特聘研究員The assembly and function of neural circuit motifs in the fly visual system汪宏達 Horng-Dar Wang 教授 
2018-06-07張永祺 Yung-Chiy Chang 助理教授Streptococcal immune evasion through camouflaging host carbohydrates鄭世進 Shih-Chin Cheng 助理教授 
2018-05-24梁賡義 Kung-Yee Liang 院士學思路程:回顧與分享江安世 Ann-Shyn Chiang 院長 
2018-05-10李芳仁 Fang-Jen Lee 教授Multiple roles of Arl1 small GTPase at the trans-Golgi network林玉俊 Yu-Chun Lin 助理教授 
2018-05-03蔡亭芬 Ting-Fen Tsai 特聘教授CISD2 longevity gene: From basic to translational research汪宏達 Horng-Dar Wang 教授 
2018-04-26謝世良 Shie-Liang Hsieh 特聘研究員CLEC5A: A myeloid C-type lectin critical in host-pathogen interaction and autoimmune diseases鄭世進 Shih-Chin Cheng 助理教授 
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