2019-02-21Professor Mark WineyWhat’s inside a microtubule? The identification of Microtubule Inner Proteins (MIPs)林玉俊 Yu-Chun Lin 助理教授 
2019-01-03邱麗珠 Lih-Chu Chiou 教授兼所長Orexin-Initiated Endocannabinoid Signaling in Stress-Induced Analgesia, Stress-Induced Drug Craving and Acupuncture Analgesia焦傳金 Chuan-Chin Chiao 教授 
2018-12-27黃彥華 Rita Yen-Hua Huang 特聘教授Niche in Pluripotency Regulation: Stem Cell, Cancer, and Cell Therapy傅化文 Hua-Wen Fu 副教授 
2018-12-20曾淑芬 Shun-Fen Tzeng 特聘教授Molecular control of oligodendrocyte differentiation and maturation焦傳金 Chuan-Chin Chiao 教授 
2018-12-13蔡明道 Ming-Daw Tsai 院士Taiwan Protein Project and Cryo-EM孫玉珠 Yuh-Ju Sun 教授、蘇士哲 Shih-Che Sue 副教授 
2018-12-06張國軒 Kuo-Hsuan Chang 醫師兼副教授The therapeutic potential of indole compounds in Alzheimer’s disease models陳令儀 Linyi Chen 教授 
2018-11-29賴明宗 Ming-Zong Lai 特聘研究員How a single gene mutation affects both innate and adaptive immunity: it all about intracellular signaling鄭世進 Shih-Chin Cheng 助理教授 
2018-11-22連正章 Cheng-Chang Lien 特聘教授IN-N-OUT of Dentate GABAergic Interneurons焦傳金 Chuan-Chin Chiao 教授 
2018-11-15王升陽 Sheng-Yang Wang 特聘教授從代謝體角度談台灣藥用植物資源醫療保健資源林愷悌 Kai-Ti Lin 助理教授 
2018-11-08郭沛恩 Pui-Yan Kwok 院士Full Genome Analysis: Approach and Applications呂平江 Ping-Chiang Lyu 教授 
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